Learning to Sew with Puppets

It seems my vintage sewing machine reviews have taken the spotlight and the Noisemakers are growing ever so impatient! 

Sewing is such a practical and fun skill. And it's way easier to learn than one might think! I teach a puppet building workshop over at Ricochet Wearable Art in San Mateo, and it's always fun to see what some of my students have come up with! 

One of the things I really like about puppet building is that it draws upon such a wide variety of skills. Students learn how to cut fabric from a paper pattern, how to work with foam, learn about fabric nap and grain lines, learn how to sew darts, the list goes on and on but best of all, students get to explore their creative side by customizing their own designs!

Skill levels vary, but many of the kids are very new to sewing and in some cases, just fresh graduates from Ricochet's weeklong beginner sewing class!

Nevertheless, within two short 3 hour sessions, students complete there very own hand puppet! Let's take a look, shall we?