Am I So Different?

Finally! It looks like the Noisemakers are gonna get their chance to shine in the limelight. Well one of them, at least! Today, you'll get to meet Sam. While I have always been fond of puppets, Sam was one of the catalysts that really got me interested in working with them.

Sam actually belongs to a very dear friend of mine--who commissioned a professional puppet maker to build an androgynous puppet for a LGBT project she was working on. Unfortunately, the project never took off and Sam sat in storage, dusty and unused.

When I first met Sam, I looked into those irresistible, tiny black beady eyes and it was like love at first sight. We've gone on many adventures since!

Today, I'll be sharing a highly personal piece I just finished writing titled, "Am I So Different?" It is part of a larger ongoing Noisemaker production still in the works.

The piece chronicles Sam's emotional journey and captures the desperation and anxiety experienced as Sam tries to fit in, eventually culminating in self acceptance. 

We've all felt out of our element at one point or another, and while each individuals' narrative my vary, the desire to belong or to fit in is often so compelling that it can sometimes drive us to a dark space. It is my sincere hope that this video will reach out to someone, anyone, who feels or has ever felt unwanted, unloved, or just out of place. Please know that it's okay to be different.

If this video speaks to you, please share it with your friends.


Am I so different?
Am I a freak?
Why can't I seem to find, a place where I belong?

The passing glances,
Whispers and jeers,
When others don't relate,
They seem to hate, or fear.

I know I'm different,
But pretend that I'm not,
With every passing day,
More difficult, for what?

Shunned by my family,
Rebuffed by my peers,
Sometimes I think it's best,
If I just disappeared.

We're all just puppets,
Confined by these rules,
Society just dictates, all we, can do.

Dare to be different,
More often than not,
You will be called out by the Pepples on the spot.
You will be called out by the Pepples on the spot.

Know that I'm different,
Know that I'm okay!
I never thought that I would come this far, today!

Dare to be different,
Or don't give a damn!

I want the world to see,
Embrace all that I am.
I want the world to see,
Embrace me for who I am...

Questions? Comments? If you have an experience you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you.